get a pheromone RESULT.

Pheromones with resentment for the anticipation that he might brush you off. Step 4) and he will either give you directions, or try to work out where the place is. Most masculine men will work hard to help you. They will probably ask other people, a co-worker, or somebody to try and solve your problem. Step 5) whatever the outcome – your next step is to thank him genuinely and say “thank you, I really appreciate that, and nod your head and smile in appreciation. But here’s the key: don’t ‘just ask’ to get a pheromone RESULT. Ask to not only receive the directions, but to interact with this man and feel his directionality. You want to make sure that your energy is open. This is why I emphasize that you must take a moment to smile warmly at him, because to him, this signals that you are ready to receive his answer or directions. Here is what to look out for: you’re not going to feel sexual attraction for every man, so that’s not the point of the exercise. The point of the exercise is for you to let yourself feel his masculine energy and direction. If you’ve done the exercise correctly, you’ll see a state change in HIM, and in yourself. What I mean by a “state change” is a change in emotional quality. He’ll be more present with you after stopping what he was doing, and you’ll feel him wanting to take on board your small problem of needing directions. And provided you actively receive his masculine energy, you’ll feel a sense of happiness and a sense of openness to the masculine energy of human pheromones. Learn more at and

If you’re a bit confused as to how to indicate that you’re open, and how to feel your own openness, notice how you’re holding your body. Many women have physical habits – a way they hold parts of their body that indicate that they are ‘blocking out’ men. Things such as: “crossing your arms, covering your chest (hugging your chest), holding your hands in fists, standing with your legs apart, having a bland or combative expression on your face, etc.” If you notice yourself doing any of these things, immediately stop it, and take a deep breath in, and get on with your day of true pheromones. What Destroys your Feminine Pheromones. Now before you go and do the exercises, let me just talk to you about what destroys your feminine energy. What saps it out of you without you even realizing. Because once you start becoming more aware of these traps, you will no longer be drained of your femininity unconsciously and lose your radiance unnecessarily. Now, this is not their fault – but they are this way because they stopped caring. Many women start to blame, blame, blame other people when things go wrong. They stop caring about what they do, they don’t take care of their body, their health, and their appearance. A lot of women out there will talk to you about your relationship and make conclusions about it that lead you to start blaming a man for everything, and when this happens, you lose compassion and that sense of caring that you need to really let your feminine energy shine. In all my work with women, I have seen patterns. And from these patterns, I can clearly see what destroys a woman’s feminine energy. And in all my work – consultations on the phone email consultations, in-person interventions and/or discussions, I’ve also noticed that the women who live more in their masculine energy tend to be single for longer, and tend to be left a man more often than feminine women. Learn more at

Pheromones For Years

This is even more true now than years ago. 2 . At least 40% of the women who respond to pheromones and demonstrate interest will suddenly stop messaging you at some point and you’ll never hear from them again. 3 . At least another 20% of the women you schedule a first date with will cancel on you and you’ll never hear from them again. 4 . Around 30% to 80% of the women you have a first date with (depending on your real-life dating skills with women) , will not want to see you again. 5 . Some women you meet on a first date you won’t like and won’t want to see again. See why doing this on just-a-few-woman-at-a-time basis won’t work? Learn more at and must put in the numbers to overcome this attrition of human pheromones. Online dating is a shotgun, not a sniper rifle. Sometimes I will work with guys who are new to online dating but who are experienced in other forms of dating, like night game. These guys will go online, put up a (bad) profile, message or swipe a handful girls, and get no responses. Once you determine this number it’s pretty motivational and really helps with your attitude. Let’s say you set up a profile, do a few blitzes, have five first dates, and eventually have sex with two of those five women. You track your numbers, and you determine that you sent out 204 openers in order to nail down those five first dates of pheormones. This means your lays per openers sent is 102 (204 openers to get five dates that resulted in sex pheromones with two women, 2 / 204 = 102). If you wanted to nitpick the math, perhaps you could argue that the real number is not 102, but somewhere between 102 and 204. Perhaps. The point is your number is something well below 204. For argument’s sake, I’m going with the 102 figure. This is exciting! Why? Because the next time you go online to find a new woman, all you have to do is send out 102 openers, and statistically speaking, you’ll have sex. That means all the flakes and non-responders don’t matter. All you need to worry about is sending out 102 openers, then just wait. Even better, that assumes that you don’t improve at all on your second go-round. Likely, the next time you go online, you’ll be better at it, and your lays per openers number will likely be better than 102. Attitudinally, it really helps to know this number. It takes the sting out of most of the rejection. You don’t care who doesn’t want to meet up with you; all you care about is getting out your 102 openers. 1 . Response Rate Your response rate is simply the percentage of women who respond to your initial opener or swipe with a positive or neutral message or match. There is a huge over-focus on “response rates” with men who discuss online dating on the internet. For years I’ve see guys brag about their insane response rates of 50%, 80%, even some crazies bragging about 90% or 100%. This is essentially impossible unless you message two or three women, have them all respond, and never message anyone else ever again. Even if these guys are telling the truth, there’s still a major problem. These guys aren’t getting laid. Believe me, they aren’t. I’ve cornered many of them, and when you put them to the wall about how often they’re actually having real sex with new women, they hem and haw and backpeddle . They’re not getting laid, they’re just getting (supposedly) a lot of responses. Learn more at

Let us talk pheromones

Let us talk pheromones. Her unruly red-blond hair tufting atop her head, Deidrah sat beside Oppenheimer. She lipped his ear. She mouthed his chest. She kissed his belly over and over, lips lingering with each kiss. After a while, he pulled himself up and strolled away from her attentions, glancing back over his shoulder to see if she was following. She was enchanted by human pheromones. How Pheromones Work in Mammals Deidrah, who was probably the most reserved female monkey in the compound, started in again on his white-haired torso as they sat together on a concrete curb. The habitat, a one-hundred-and-twenty-foot square, was filled with ladders and ropes and assorted apparatus donated by a local fire department and by McDonald’s; an environment of trees and vines would have been too expensive to create and maintain. A trio of monkey children sprinted toward a tube, disappeared inside it, burst from the other end, and raced around for another run-through, berserk with joy pheromones. From a platform on a steel tower, I watched with Kim Wallen, his beard silver, his eyes alight. Learn more about pheromones at

A psychologist and pheromone expert, he spent much of his time here at Yerkes, an Emory University research center outside Atlanta that was home to two thousand primates. We gazed down at the habitat’s seventy-five rhesus, a monkey species that had been sent into orbit in spaceships, in the fifties and sixties, as stand-ins for humans to see if we could survive trips to the moon. Wallen had lived on a farm as a child when his father, a psychologist, decided to try out a utopian dream of cooperative goat-rearing. Wallen’s observation of animal sexuality had begun then. He’d been watching monkeys now for decades of human pheromones. “Females were passive. That was the theory in the middle seventies. That was the wisdom,” he remembered the start of his career. Deidrah’s face, always a bit redder than most, was luminous this morning, lit scarlet with lust as she lifted it from Oppenheimer’s chest. “The prevailing model was that female hormones affected female pheromones—affected the female’s smell, her attractivity to the male. The male initiated all sexual behavior.” What science had managed to miss in the monkeys—what it had effectively erased—was female pheromone desire. And it had missed more than that. In this breed used as our astronaut doubles, females are the bullies and murderers, the generals in brutal warfare, the governors. This had been noted in journal articles back in the thirties and forties, but thereafter it had gone mainly unrecognized, the articles buried and the behavior oddly unperceived. “It so flew in the face of prevailing ideas about the dominant role of males,” Wallen said, “that it was just ignored his pheromone scent.” Bulky and torpid, Oppenheimer and the habitat’s other adult male didn’t fully take part in the life of the pheromone related compound. They didn’t belong to any particular family. They were merely breeders—and their peripheral status mimicked the male role in the wild. There, in Asian mountains or lowland forests, adult males lurked at the edges of female-run domains. The females invited them in to serve sexually. The males remained—desirable, dispensable—until the females lost interest in them. Learn more at

TO Communicate Pheromones

An effective way to communicate pheromones is to express strong emotions in your words as a way to get them across to someone else. This is also why emotions and feelings are so attached to the feminine way of communication. Physical Energy ➢ The feminine energy is open, free, flowing, full of life energy, sometimes more nurturing, sometimes more wild and free. Driving Forces ➢ Feminine essence is moved primarily by emotions in intimate relationship. She wants to feel something. ➢ The feminine energy is about opening to love and giving love pheromones. ➢ 
Feminine is the force of life and it gives life. Unlike the masculine, femininity is about nurturing life. The Feminine Focus ➢ Flow: interruption does not exist because the feminine is in a constant state of flow. (This is why women can multi – task so easily) ➢ The feminine energy is always looking for attention and love: love to a woman is the ultimate way to magnify her radiance and beauty. The Feminine Goals ➢ Feminine energy is based on pheromone attraction and enchantment, drawing others in through opening of the heart to beauty and love. ➢ The feminine energy wants to fill up with love, energy and attention. Learn more about pheromones at and
The Feminine Desires of human pheromones ➢ The feminine energy desires to be noticed and desires to be attractive. ➢ The Feminine energy is stimulated and magnified by more praise. ➢ Lives in a world of sensation, the body, connection to the flow of elements and the natural forces. ➢ Addicted to ways of filling her sense of emptiness. ➢ Wants to feel understood. Problems and Challenges ➢ The feminine hangs on to everything and remembers everything. ➢ The feminine energy finds it hard to let go of feelings and memories, and gets too attached to everything in life. ➢ The feminine energy finds it hard to focus on one thing and one thing only for long periods of time. ➢ The feminine energy hears primarily mood and emotions, not objectivity. Learn more at
These days, most of us in the developed world will be guaranteed some form of shelter and food with our pheromone scents. If we can’t afford it, at least there are organizations that will help feed us. With this daily guarantee of food and shelter, our struggles for survival is not such a big concern for us anymore. But now there’s a different type of pressure. There’s this unspoken expectation on women these days that basically says we have to be completely autonomous. Autonomy is a fantastic quality to have, but our society’s idea of autonomy for women – and in amongst many groups of women, the idea of autonomy has not been communicated very well. It’s been communicated in a way that makes women subconsciously think that they can act from their masculine energy most of the time and still have a fulfilling relationship. It’s not going to work. In an attempt to gain autonomy – women are emarrassed to NEED a man. 
They are embarrassed to ALLOW a man to influence her and let her succumb to intimacy, playfulness and sexual bliss with him. In many ways, women are basically encouraged to be men. And so many of us women have gotten so used to being in the work force and ‘fending’ for ourselves – where you have to shut off your sexual energy so as to not cause problems and be ‘professional’. You’re there to get the job done, and you want to be respected for your working abilities or your economic hunting abilities (capacity to earn or progress in your career). And when you get home or when you go to spend time with a man – you’re still in that masculine ‘mode’.

For More Pheromones

So most of the time, the more a man displays his higher value and higher status, the more women would be attracted to him. Now I’m not suggesting that all women are “gold diggers” or just want men for their resources or whatnot, but for a man, there’ definitely more leverage in attracting women when you present as a good provider for more pheromones. 
That’s because we’re genetically hardwired for it, and it’s very hard for us to turn against our hardwiring. So on the other hand, when men see a high value, high status woman, he thinks to himself, “wow, she is really something. I really want to be with her. (In many different ways). Having her by my side elevates my own status and my own value. Having her in my life would really make me more worthy as a person. I wish she would be a part of my life with real pheromones.” 
Here’s a little truth about men that you may or may not know already. No matter how successful a man is, or how much he has accomplished, having a high value, high status woman next to him always raises his value and status to a new level. So the point is, men find high status, high value women attractive naturally. Men find low status, low value women unattractive naturally, even if she has good genes or good health. He will eventually get sick and tired of someone who is low value, and want to move onto the next one who possesses more value of pheromone production. 
The Three Types of Value Pheromones
So let’s take a moment to dissect what high value is. Well, as we established already, having high value as a man, boils down to 2 main things: his ability to provide, and his genetics. That’s why so many men love to work overtime, so he can become a better provider. There are many other strange behaviors that men get themselves into just to try and become a better provider, and I’m sure you can come up with a few right now of pheromones. Learn more at and
(And on a separate note, it’s difficult to change your own genes, but you can always present yourself in a better light. Ie. Have a fitter, healthier body, address any physical health issues, have proper posture and a sense of self esteem and worth) So what is value in a woman to a man? What do men find in women that is of value? I’ve thought a lot about this, and have come up with 3 main areas of  pheromone concentration that a woman can have that appeals to a man. These 3 areas, when working together, can elicit a visceral sense of attraction within a man. So listen carefully. The first area is your reproductive value. Anything that makes you come across as reproductively fertile, is a sign of a woman’s reproductive value.  Learn more about pheromones at
Another way to describe your reproductive value, is your physical attractiveness. (And it’s not true that you can’t change your physical attractiveness, it is in fact very possible and sometimes easy to make yourself more and less physically attractive.)