iet plans and exercise for teens

Childhood obesity has been on the rise in the United States since 1980, and overweight children lead to overweight teenagers. Although no definitive study reveals all the reasons for the increase in childhood obesity, many experts believe that a combination of a sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices are the main culprits. Giving adolescents a desire for a healthy balance between exercise and nutritious meals, experts believe the trend toward obesity can be reversed.


Adolescence can be challenging for parents and teenagers. Major changes are being physically, hormonally and emotionally. Body image and self-esteem issues that become increasingly important as all these changes seem to throw the bodies of boys very badly. Take the time to help your teen to evaluate how he feels about her body. Discuss with your teen like proper diet and exercise can play a role in helping her develop a healthy and strong body which can, in turn, help improve your self image.


The word “diet” can conjure up images of a large flat sparsely populated with a few carrots and celery sticks. Explain to your teen that “diet” simply means “what you eat.” A healthy diet doesn’t mean to give up all the things your teen loves to eat. This means that helps him learn how to balance your food intake. The U.S. Government’s food pyramid, which was updated in 2005, recommends women eat a variety of foods from each of the food groups including cereals, vegetables, fruits, oils, dairy products, meat and beans. The amount of food consumed should be determined by how active your teen is. Teens who are active in sports you will need to eat more than teens who spend most of their time reading. Work with your teen to develop a menu of foods that you enjoy while introducing new foods to expand his culinary experiences and Tickle her taste buds.


Diet alone does not produce healthy bodies in the teens or anyone else. In order to optimize health a person needs to exercise. Teens need to get a total of 60 minutes of aerobic exercise every day. Luckily, none of this should at the same time. Talk to your teen divide the diet pill reviews day into sections with running time a part of each section. Mountain biking, running, dancing, swimming … –anything that raises your heart rate is considered aerobic exercise. No special equipment is needed to exercise. Teens can do sit-ups or push-ups in the bedroom. Walking up and down the stairs for a few minutes is a great way to get the heart pumping. Of course, if your teen is involved in a sport are that he is getting lots of aerobic exercise. A recent Australian study (Patton GC, Selzer R, C Coffey, Carlin JB, Wolfe r: onset of adolescent eating disorders: population based cohort study in 3 years. BMJ 1999; 318:765-768 [20 March]), I found that the exercise was actually more effective than diet to reduce obesity in adolescents. The key to maintaining a healthy exercise routine is consistency.