get a pheromone RESULT.

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Pheromones with resentment for the anticipation that he might brush you off. Step 4) and he will either give you directions, or try to work out where the place is. Most masculine men will work hard to help you. They will probably ask other people, a co-worker, or somebody to try and solve your problem. Step 5) whatever the outcome – your next step is to thank him genuinely and say “thank you, I really appreciate that, and nod your head and smile in appreciation. But here’s the key: don’t ‘just ask’ to get a pheromone RESULT. Ask to not only receive the directions, but to interact with this man and feel his directionality. You want to make sure that your energy is open. This is why I emphasize that you must take a moment to smile warmly at him, because to him, this signals that you are ready to receive his answer or directions. Here is what to look out for: you’re not going to feel sexual attraction for every man, so that’s not the point of the exercise. The point of the exercise is for you to let yourself feel his masculine energy and direction. If you’ve done the exercise correctly, you’ll see a state change in HIM, and in yourself. What I mean by a “state change” is a change in emotional quality. He’ll be more present with you after stopping what he was doing, and you’ll feel him wanting to take on board your small problem of needing directions. And provided you actively receive his masculine energy, you’ll feel a sense of happiness and a sense of openness to the masculine energy of human pheromones. Learn more at and

If you’re a bit confused as to how to indicate that you’re open, and how to feel your own openness, notice how you’re holding your body. Many women have physical habits – a way they hold parts of their body that indicate that they are ‘blocking out’ men. Things such as: “crossing your arms, covering your chest (hugging your chest), holding your hands in fists, standing with your legs apart, having a bland or combative expression on your face, etc.” If you notice yourself doing any of these things, immediately stop it, and take a deep breath in, and get on with your day of true pheromones. What Destroys your Feminine Pheromones. Now before you go and do the exercises, let me just talk to you about what destroys your feminine energy. What saps it out of you without you even realizing. Because once you start becoming more aware of these traps, you will no longer be drained of your femininity unconsciously and lose your radiance unnecessarily. Now, this is not their fault – but they are this way because they stopped caring. Many women start to blame, blame, blame other people when things go wrong. They stop caring about what they do, they don’t take care of their body, their health, and their appearance. A lot of women out there will talk to you about your relationship and make conclusions about it that lead you to start blaming a man for everything, and when this happens, you lose compassion and that sense of caring that you need to really let your feminine energy shine. In all my work with women, I have seen patterns. And from these patterns, I can clearly see what destroys a woman’s feminine energy. And in all my work – consultations on the phone email consultations, in-person interventions and/or discussions, I’ve also noticed that the women who live more in their masculine energy tend to be single for longer, and tend to be left a man more often than feminine women. Learn more at

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