But I don’t need to use Vigrx Plus every day

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But I don’t need to use Vigrx Plus every day. It’s moderation. The lesson there is moderation. We all need to learn our personal male supplement diets and what works for us and learning that with trial and error. Tell us some of the self care practices that you do and that you promote. I do a lot of things because now I’m a self-care junkie. Once you get started taking care of yourself you’re like, “This is awesome. I want to keep doing this.” Now I just block people out in my time so I have all the self-care. I dry brush. Learn more at http://mpommett79.hatenablog.com/entry/2016/11/03/195010andhttp://enlargement-world.blogspot.com/2016/11/why-you-should-use-vigrx-plus-updated.htmlI love doing that. It really wakes me up in the morning. I use that in place of coffee. The thing that most of my clients want to punch me in the face for is when I say, “I really think you should go off coffee if you want to have a lot of energy.” They’re like, “What?” They get really mad at me and then they try it and it works. I will say, “Your replacement can be dry brushing.” People get addicted to it. It’s great. It’s great for the lymphatic system. It really wakes you up. It’s helps you eliminate toxins. I like to dry brush. I use the sauna. We actually invested in a sauna because it was less expensive than going to the gym all the time to use it. That was my excuse to not- I want to hear that math. I need to bring that math into my life. We don’t have space in our house to have it so we just have it out on our covered patio. You come up with solutions. I just have a small one. I do a sauna a few times a week. I do a lot of journaling and this goes to using your voice. This was one of the most healing methods that I discovered through this process, through this journey of male supplements. I don’t think I would really go back and add that in long term because I feel better than I did in my 20s because I wasn’t ever eating real, whole food. That’s not how I was raised at the time. I was raised in an era of convenience food. I think it’s important to take the steps so that … you’ll just feel it. You’ll just start feeling you feel better. Last night I went out to a restaurant and was glutened, actually. This person told me, the waiter, told me that this dish was gluten free. Ate the whole thing. Came back and was like, “I’m sorry. Does gluten free mean dairy free?” I said, “No!” Let me tell you, I had a situation last night when I came home. That’s my key. I keep it clean because I appreciate keeping my diet clean now because I feel so much better. When something like that happens you really feel what this does to your body. And I think that’s something important that people should know too. As you start doing it, if you try and add things back in you can test it against yourself to see like, “How is this making me feel?” But there’s no shame. We can’t be perfect. You go out to a party, you accidentally have that thing, all right. Start with the next bite, start with the next meal. Learn more at http://chrshrt112.typepad.com/blog/2016/11/dominant-males-and-intimacy.html

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